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The above link will take you to an Op-Ed written by Peter Metcalf,
founder of Black Diamond Equipment
As the Founder and co-founder of several, Utah outdoor based
companies going back over 20 years  (The Grip, PolyTi, Titanium Goat,
Wilderness Solutions, Ruta Locura, and a few others in between), I
have attended OR exactly ONE time, but won't be attending again until it
is moved out of Utah. Utah's Political leaders do not support the
peoples public lands, recreation, or public trust in general. Utah wants
to transfer control of federal public lands to the state of Utah, which will
undoubtedly have the result of people being locked out, and much of
this land sold off. Utah's own record of how it manages state land is
proof of this. You don't have to look any further than Utah's position on
stream access. The state constitution enumerates the right of the
people to our waters, their resources, and our access to these waters
and resources that are held in trust for the people of Utah. But the state
of Utah has taken the stance that we the people, do not have a right to
our waters and fish, or access to them. The Utah supreme court has
ruled against the state in these cases, but our arrogant short sight
political leaders have continued the war against our rights as
fishermen and sportsmen to access our rivers and streams. You can
read more and support the efforts to Stream access here:    This is the same course they want to
take with federal lands, despite their language tiptoeing around the
specifics, their actions speak louder than any words their
spokespeople may choke on.