BRS-3000T Titanium Stove

The BRS-3000T titanium canister stove is as light as you can get at only .9oz(25g). This stove folds down small for easy storage, even in the smallest pots and mugs.

BRS-3000T Stove Specifications:

  • Stove Material:  Titanium, Aluminum
  • Fuel: Isobutane
  • Gas consumption:  140/grams/hour
  • Ignition:  Manual
  • Folded Size:  37x48mm/1.5×1.9in(DxH)
  • Unfolded Size:  85x60mm/3.3×2.4in(DxH)
  • Item weight:  25g/.9oz


This is just the stove

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