BRS-3000T Titanium Stove
The BRS-3000T titanium canister stove is as light as you can get at only .9oz(25g). This stove folds down small for
easy storage, even in the smallest pots and mugs.  If you want light weight and amazing efficiency, we offer a
version to be used with the Jetboil pot. This version shaves 3oz out of a Jet boil Ti Sol, bringing it from 9.2 oz, down
to 6.2 oz. With this setup the stove stows in the base of the pot held in place by the heat shield. With the stove
relocated under the pot you can now fit two 100/110 gram canisters inside the pot, for more space savings. This kit
will get you 2 1/2 minute burn times just like the stock Jetboil stove.
Complete kit
Stove stowed
in bottom of po
Jetboil Stove Kit Specifications:
--Stove:  Modified BRS-3000T Ti Stove
--Heat Shield:  Titanium
--Lid:  Carbon fiber
--Fuel:  Isobutane
--Gas consumption:  140/grams/hour
--Ignition:  Manual
--Folded Size:  37x48mm/1.5x1.9in(DxH)
--Unfolded Size:  85x60mm/3.3x2.4in(DxH)
--Item weight:  38g/1.3oz
--Price:    $50   This is for the kit, stove, lid,
and two titanium discs.

Jetboil Ti Sol pot NOT included
Works with other Jetboil pots as well
BRS-3000T Stove Specifications:
--Stove Material:  Titanium, Aluminum
--Fuel: Isobutane
--Gas consumption:  140/grams/hour
--Ignition:  Manual
--Folded Size:  37x48mm/1.5x1.9in(DxH)
--Unfolded Size:  85x60mm/3.3x2.4in(DxH)
--Item weight:  25g/.9oz
--Price:    $25   This is just the stove.
New upgraded kit now includes ring to space
the stove on top of the flux ring.
___In Stock___
___In Stock___