Light Water Dinghy-UL
The LWD-UL is a minimalist, Ultra light pack raft, designed for flat water, and canyoneering use. The LWD-UL is
a cooperative effort between Ruta Locura, and
Klymit.  The advanced shape of the LWD-UL allows for reclined,
and upright seating positions. While the integral inflatable seat, keeps you insulated from cold water, and
distributes loads better. With geometry that allows you to recline, you can save weight by using minimalist hand
paddles. Or if full paddles are your thing, just sit upright, and paddle away.  Inflation is  fast and easy. The
storage bag doubles as a pump. The LWD-UL is a lighter version of the
Klymit Light Water Dinghy
-separate fill and dump(large) valves.
-inflatable seat pad
-versatile paddle geometry
-6 tie off points
-inflater/storage bag included

Fabric---75D polyester top and bottom. Production rafts will have black
bottoms, a grey tops.
Weight---28oz for the raft.  The inflater storage bag weighs 3.75oz
Packed size---4 inches by 9 inches


       Sale price   $175