Tenkara Rods
The Clarkii rod is a telescoping Tenkara fly rod that attaches to a Yana 2 or 3 piece trekking
Pole upper creating an 11 foot long Tenkara rod. This system substitutes your trekking pole
handle for the rod handle, saving weight and bulk. The Clarkii comes with the rod, rod sleeve,
and hard sleeve protector, line is sold seperately. Go here
www.tenkarausa.com for lines and
other great information. Requires Yana poles for use.

The Nano is a stand alone Tenkara rod for those that do not use Trekking poles
Clarkii Rod--11 Foot long tenkara rod adapter, takes
down to 20 Inches, weighs 1.3oz---$105

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Tenkara Nano Rod--11.5 Foot long Tenkara rod. 7:3 action takes down to 22
Inches, and weighs 3.2oz--$110

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Sale Price: $75
Tenkara Lines--Tapered ferruled lines, 12 foot long, gold in color, will work for
either the Clarkii or the Nano rods.

Price:  $19

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