2017 Sorex Stakes
Small only in weight, these carbon fiber stakes excel in softer soils, where thin wire type stakes
dont hold as well. The 9 Inch stakes do even better in sand, river gravel, and consolidated
snow where you can get them in deep. Carbon fiber body, with aluminum heads and tips. Sold
in 4 packs. Updated for 2017, with all new shafts heads and points. The 2017 version now
come with a hole drilled through the carbon fiber shank and aluminum head. This provides a
secure means to remove the stakes via an attached cord, and helps to retain the head in the
shaft.  Cords are included, but not tied on.
9 Inch Sorex Stakes--7.5 Grams Each---$15.00 Per
Four Pack     

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6 Inch Sorex Stakes--6 Grams Each---$13.00 Per
Four Pack.   

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