Titanium Goat Vertex Tents
Vertex Tents come in four sizes, which correspond to the height of the tent in feet. These are the Vertex 8,
Vertex 7.5, Vertex 6.5, and Vertex 5. Vertex tents are based on traditional Native American geometry giving them
a "pole forward design". This geometry puts the tent pole closer to the front of the tent. This has the effect of
making the door the steepest part of the tent. This makes entry easier, and the entry way floor space use more
efficient, requiring less maneuvering and steps to enter the tent.  This design also places the zipper at the
steepest part of the tent, preventing zipper leakage. Beyond  what this does for the entryway, this geometry
also helps to place the stove closer to the center of the tent, again making for more efficient usage of square
footage. All Vertex tents come with our VersaPort, while the Vertex 5 comes both with or without. The VersaPort
is integral to the peak patch, and is positioned at the rear of the peak. The VersaPort accepts different size
stove boots, and covers to accommodate various uses. For example you can use a stove boot with a 2-3/8"
stove pipe and smaller stove for fall use, then switch it up to a 3" stove boot and larger stove in the winter time.
Come summer time, you can then replace the stove boot with an eyebrow vent cover to get maximum
ventilation, but keep the rain and bugs out. Tear your stove boot in wind storm? Dog chewed it up? No
problem, just buy a new one, no sewing or sending your tent in for repair.
Fabrics:  The tent body is constructed with 1.1oz(1.3oz
after coating) American made silicone coated nylon.
The peak patch and peg loop patches are coated 210
denier pack cloth. All of pitch are taped and finished.

Zippers: We use #8 coil zippers which are perfectly
sized for the application, and when properly installed
are highly leak resistant. We also utilize nickel plated
sliders for the longest service life.

Stitching: All body seams are flat felled, and
multi-stitched on industrial machines using our own
proprietary fabric folders.  
Standard Features:
-Clothes line
-Anodized aluminum pole and Y stakes
-Truly conical, efficient pole forward design
-Full height door zippers
-Internal and external peak loops
-Door vent
-VersaPort (Integral to our reinforced peak patch)
-Choice of stove boot or eyebrow vent cover
-Lower rear vent system
-Self equalizing, multi directional guy outs(2)

-You can upgrade to a carbon fiber pole to drop even
more weight from your tent.
Vertex 8     Vertex 7.5     Vertex 6.5     Vertex 5
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