Assembly Instruction
The stove and storage bag and tube.
Undo the screws holding the two halves of
the stove together.
Everything opened up.
Start with th top of the stove laid upside down
on a flat surface.
Unroll the body of the stove and align it with
the top of the stove.
There will be a black line denoting the center
of the body, this needs to line up with the
center of the back of the top of the stove. If
there is not a mark, you can measure out and
place one at 20.5" on the roll up body.
Now start the side into the front panel, while
also seating the side into the retention rails
on the sides and back of the top panel.
Now push the front panel back and into the
retention rail at the front of the top panel.
Place the bottom of the stove onto of the body,
and start the front panel into the front retaining
rail of the bottom of the stove.
Now start the sides of the body into the side
retaining rails of the bottom panel.
Finish the install of the bottom panel by
inserting the rear of the body into the rear
retaining rail of the bottom panel.
Make sure that everything is lined up, and
start to insert legs through the bottom panel.
With everything lined up, start screwing the
legs into the rivet nuts located in the top of
the stove. These should thread easily, if they
don't, stop and realign anything that is out of
place or causing binding.
The stove is now completed.
All the components laid out relative to where
they go.
Begin by rolling the pipe the length ways.
This can be quite difficult with longer pipe,
and requires 2-3 people depending on the
length of the pipe. After the pipe is "burned
in" it becomes quit easy. At this point place
one ring for every foot of pipe, leaving about
2 foot of pipe with no rings at the ends of the
Squeeze the end of the pipe with the two
damper holes, so that the damper can be
inserted into the pipe.
Place an end ring inside the pipe, and slide a
ring down the outside of the pipe to hold
tension on this ring, these rings give the pipe
its shape.
Do the same with the top of the pipe with the
second ring. If you have a spark arrestor
place it into the top of pipe instead of using
the second end ring.