600 Carbon Fiber Tent Poles
These Poles are designed for use in Tents and Tarps within the provided heights. These poles are typically
used in a lot pyramid tents, and similar sized shelters.  These poles are available with or without adjusters for
variable pitch heights, with or without shock cord, and with or without a spike at the top for use with shelters that
use grommets.

Adjuster or not? Adjusters give you the ability to set your pole to multiple heights. This gives you the ability to
pitch your shelter's perimeter up off the ground for better ventilation, and gives flexibility for varying terrain. This
also allows for the use of one pole for two different shelters that may have two different heights that are only a
few inches different. Going with out an adjuster keeps things simple, and is less parts and pieces, while
saving a bit of weight and bulk as well. The adjusters are a larger version of the same mechanism we have
used in our trekking poles(And 450 tent poles) for over a decade, with the trekking pole prototypes going over
900 miles across Idaho before being refined and improved for mass sale.

Pole heights with or without Adjuster:

No adjuster: If you opt for a pole with out an adjuster, you want to order a pole that is right at the desired height,
or around 2" longer than required. For most tarp applications, you can order the poles right to height. With the
poles 2" longer, it allows the pole to be angled for some adjustment, and to allow for variable ground levels. So
if you have a shelter that requires a 60" pole, you should consider going with a 62" pole if not using an adjuster.

With Adjuster: With an adjuster you have ~ 8" of adjustment, so you need to order your pole ~ 4" shorter than
the nominal height that your shelter pitches at. So if you have a shelter that pitches at 60", you want to go with a
pole that is 56" long. With the adjuster this will give you a pole that pitches from ~56" to ~64".  

Adjuster construction: The main stem of the adjuster is our carbon fiber tube. The bottom has a cap to keep
dirt out.  The business end consists of an aluminum insert that is glued into the carbon fiber tube. This insert
captures an aluminum threaded stud that the carbon fiber friendly rubber expander rides on. There are two
washers under this expander, all of which can be replaced,  through this is rarely Necessary.  

Shock Cord
The 600 poles come standard without shock cord, but you have the option to add shock cord. The shock cord
retains all the individual sections of the pole so that you can't lose an individual section. So why would I choose
not to shock cord my pole together? Many people place individual pole sections in their pack as part of their
suspension system, shock cord will not allow for this. Some people use individual sections for other uses, as
well as combining pole sets for multiple shelters or shelter configurations. In the end it is up to you, but adding
it later may require sending your pole back.

The 600 pole comes standard with a friendly plastic end cap on the top and bottom of the pole.  If your shelter
requires a spike(like some large tarp set ups) then you can order the pole with a spike to accommodate your
particular configuration.
64" to 55", 4 Section .600 Tent Pole--- A 62 Inch pole weighs 4.625oz, you
can subtract .063oz per Inch shorter than 62 Inches---$70---  

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55" to 48", 4 section .600 Tent Pole--- A 55 Inch poles weighs 4.18oz., you
can subtract .063oz per inch shorter than 55" ---$70---

____In Stock____
Add Shock Cord---This option gets you your tent pole sections shock
corded together   ---$3---
Adjuster---These adjusters have an overall length of 10", and provide 8" of
adjustment to a  4 section 600 tent pole for greater pitching versatility.
These adjusters work like our trekking pole adjusters, with a rubber
expander that rides on a aluminum stud, providing infinite adjustability
across its 8" range of movement.  Weight is 1oz---$17

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