820 Carbon Fiber Tent Poles
These Poles are designed for use in Tents and Tarps within the provided heights. These poles are typically
used in a lot of larger pyramid tents, and similar sized shelters.  These poles come standard with an adjuster
for variable pitch heights, with shock cord, and with or without a spike at the top for use with shelters that use

The 720 pole comes standard with an adjuster that provides ~8" of adjustment.

Pole heights with Adjuster:
You need to order your pole at the nominal height that your shelter pitches at. So if you have a shelter that
pitches at 75", you want to go with a pole that is 75" long. With the adjuster this will give you a pole that pitches
from ~71" to ~79".  

Adjuster construction: The main stem of the adjuster is our carbon fiber tube. The bottom has a cap to keep
dirt out.  The business end consists of a brass button on a spring inside the adjuster section. This brass
button corresponds to holes that are machined into the bottom section of the tent pole. This gives adjustment
in 1" increments.  

Shock Cord
The 720 poles come standard with shock cord.
4 Section .710 Tent Pole--- A 75 Inch pole weighs 10oz, you can subtract
.066oz per Inch shorter than 75 Inches---$115---  

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