Titaniun Stove
Titanium Stove Specifications:
Construction:         Titanium body, titanium legs. With the exception of the
cable rings for the pipe and 5 stainless steel rivets this stove is all
titanium, more than any other take down stove offered.
Pipe:                                               3" Titanium weighs 1.6oz per foot.
Weight:                                          2 pounds 14oz  Without pipe
Size assembled:                         10"x10"x16"
Overall height:                              16"
Packed size:                                  1"x10"x16"  plus a 12"x3" tube
Price:                                              Price starting at $400

--Sale Price $350--

                                      ____In Stock____
Pipe Length
Snow Float Legs:
These legs let you use you to put the stove on snow and other unstable
surfaces that the legs might sink into.

Weight:                                      4oz
Price:                                          $30

                                   _____In Stock_____
Theses stoves are built on the same design as the WiFi stoves we use to offer.  These incorporate the same roll
up body, and the same tension/compression legs that hold the entire assembly together. With rivet nuts attached
to the top of the stove, the legs(solid titanium) not only hold the stove together, but also fully transfer loads from
the top of the stove to the legs. The biggest improvement over previous designs is the front door panel which
joins the roll up body and has a fully functioning door with dial air intake. This gives much better control of the
stove once you have a large bed of coals built up in the stove. Once the stove is full of sustaining coals, you don't
have to add as much wood because of the control the door and air intake provide.  
Snow float legs.