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820 Tent Pole: Newley updated for 2024. The new version of the 820 series pole now comes with 5 sections for a shorter packing length, along with a new adjuster system.

Adjuster: The new adjuster is a very positive clamp style adjuster that is infinitely adjustable across the ~7″(~178mm) of adjustment range. The handle of the adjuster can be rotated for the best angle to adjust the pole, and is easier to operate with gloves on. The adjustable/rotating handle also allows the handle to be positioned, or even removed, for compact packing. The adjuster is built with mostly metal for a long and flawless life.

Pole heights with Adjuster:  Order you pole in the pull down menu according to the range you need. It is best to set up your shelter and test it first, different materials have different stretch, and you almost always need more pole height than less in the real world.

Adjuster construction: The main stem of the adjuster is our carbon fiber tube. The bottom has a durable cap to keep dirt out. The clamp is made of aluminum and stainless steel, with a high impact adjustable nylon handle.

Shock Cord: The 820 poles come standard with shock cord.

End Caps: The 820 pole comes standard with sturdy, and friendly plastic end caps on the top and bottom of the pole.

Pole Diameter: .820″(21mm), A 72″-79″ pole takes down to 16″(406mm). A 62″-69″ pole takes down to 14″(355cm)

5 Section .820 Tent Pole

  • A 72″-79″(183cm-200cm) pole weighs 11.2oz(317g), you can subtract .07 oz per Inch for each inch shorter than this size pole.
  • Choose your length in the pull down menu

Pole Length


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