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Carbon Fiber Hammock Spreader Bars

  • These Hammock Spreader Bar sets come in two configurations, two-piece head bars, and three-piece head bars. These fit several brands of Hammocks
  • Weight: Two-piece set: 6.1oz, Three-piece set: 6.4oz
  • Head bars: .710″(18mm)  Foot bars: .60″(15mm)
  • Spike ends: Custom machined aluminum(rubber protector caps provided to protect fabric)
  • Head bar Length: 39.5″/37″  Foot bar length: 28.5″/26.5″ Depending on Hammock brand.
  • Take down Length: Three piece set: 16″(406mm) Two-piece set: 21″(533mm)
  • We can build other lengths if need


In Stock

Configuration (Head x Foot)

Three-piece bars pictures. The foot bars can nest in the head bars in both the three piece and two-piece configurations. 

The foot bars are made in two pieces for either version.

Ruta Locura